Tombola is a lottery style board game, (simialr to housie or bingo) played during family gatherings, fundraisers, in country clubs and also in mess halls of armed forces on weekends in Italy, USA, UK, Pakistan and India. It originated in Naples, Italy. In some countries "Tombola" is written/ pronounced as "Tambola".

To play Tombola we need the following as absolutely necessary;
  1. A Conductor (also called the organiser or caller)
  2. Players (At least 10)
  3. 90 wooden or plastic "tombolini" (chips/ coins) with numbers from 1 to 90, which are kept in a container (usually a cloth sack)
  4. A "tabellone" (scorecard) with squares containing all numbers from 1 to 90 to check called numbers
  5. Playing cards or tickets with 15 random numbers (selected from 1 - 90)
  6. Pencils to mark the called numbers. Toothpicks are also used.
  7. Clip boards (or any hard surface) to place or hold the playing cards

The following are not absolutely necessary but helpful;
  1. An Assistant Conductor (for larger gatherings)
  2. A large screen to display the called number
  3. A box to hold money
  4. Public Address System for large gatherings
  5. Music system to paly between the games

Tombola is played on a basic principle. The organizer/caller calls the Number/CUE one at a time and the players need to strike Numbers on their tickets. One who gets the 15 numbers striken before anyone else wins the game.


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